LM MATJENI INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS is a wholly black-owned company. Its staff comprises of professionals with legal and administrative experience. LM MATJENI INCORPORATED director specializes in conveyancing work, transfer of property, notarial work, property law in general and commercial law. The firm LM MATJENI INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS was formed in the beginning of 2018 under the sole directorship of MS LETLHOGONOLO MEISIE MATJENI with unmeasured quality of excellence. The firm is committed to growing communities’ capacity and skills to provide quality legal service, whilst enhancing the efficiency of the legal profession and the business status of our clients. We maintain a fully-qualified and professional team that enjoys the constant assistance of dedicated, friendly, hardworking and capable colleagues. The firm strives to render excellent service to clients at a reasonable, affordable and often negotiable rate.


    If we desire respect for the law,
    we must first make the law respectable.


    To grow into a leading force in legal profession and general administrative company that provides relevant services to clients.


    Render reliable profession legal and advisory administrative services of high quality taking into account
    the need for services that exceed client’s expectation.



    Meisie Matjeni 

    Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public

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    Ms Matjeni completed her LLB degree in 2014 at the University of North West, Potchefstroom campus. She did her practical legal training with LEAD after completing her LLB and she served her articles at Malan & Mohale Attorneys in 2015. She was admitted as attorney at the High Court of South Africa Gauteng Division, Pretoria in July 2016. She thereafter got admitted as a Conveyancer and Notary Public during September 2016. Her field of interest is law of contract, competition law, conveyancing, property law, real estate, property development and property investment. She later completed an LLM (Masters) degree, specializing in Law of Contracts, Competition Law, Advanced Property Law and Advanced Consumer Protection Law at the University of Pretoria. She is currently registered for MBA at Wits University.

    She is as a young dynamic Professional who has extensive experience in commercial and corporate law, as well as drafting of commercial contracts. She deals mainly with clients of conveyancing, property developments and real estate on a daily basis. She furthermore has a vast experience in dealing mostly with administration of estate, competition law and family law. Dealing with her means being in the right hands of professionalism. 


    Thulani Mmamaila 

    Candidate Attorney

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    Thulani Mmamaila is a Candidate Attorney at LM MATJENI INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS he holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Limpopo which he obtained in 2017, he has served as a legal assistant to Advocate Patrick Letswalo an admitted Advocate of the High Court from 2017 to 2019, he has been working under the tutelage of Ms. Meisie Matjeni an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Principal at LM Matjeni Incorporated since 2019. Since Joining the firm (LM Matjeni Inc) he has undertaken various legal tasks, such as the drafting and filing of legal documents both in the Magistrate court and High Court. He has acquired experience in the drafting of conveyancing documents and other conveyancing related duties. He is able to work independently in most legal matters which are referred to the firm, this includes consulting with clients on various legal matters within the firm`s purview. As a young and enthusiastic legal mind, he continues to show good social character and skill and an admirable passion for civil litigation and conveyancing. He is young, energetic and highly inquisitive with an attentive attitude. He is detail orientated and time conscious, he has proven to be an asset to the firm with his legal engagement and research skills. His commitment in terms of his work ethic, respecting and upholding the law is unquestionable. Thulani currently provides administrative support to the Managing Director of the Firm while he performs his duties as a candidate Attorney. He is also currently in the process of completing his Practical Legal Training Studies with the School of Legal Practice in Pretoria, he will soon be admitted as an Attorney of the High Court.


    Tshenolo Phajane

    Candidate Attorney

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    Tshenolo Phajane is a Candidate Attorney at LM Matjeni Inc. She chose Law as a career in order to improve access to justice to all members of the community and at the same time uphold the law of South Africa. The soon to be an admitted Attorney belives in advocating for clients with the notion “FAIR AND UNBAISED” and strives for the latter to be experinced in each case.

    She was educated at the Northwest University with a Bachelor’s of laws and graduated in 2018. She furthered her legal studies with the School of Legal Pracrice in 2019 and she is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Estate law.
    Tshenolo aims to enhance the knowledge of the Black community where Estate Planning and Administration of Estate is concerned. She percieves the Law of Estate as a vital aspect of life for every individual. The aim and objective being to safe guard and grow client’s assets as they pass from their ownership to their desired inheritors.


    Lebo Malapane

    Property Professional


    Sulile Molutsoane

    Property Professional


    Bonolo Sethobja 

    Office Administrator


    LM MATJENI INCORPORATED has through its independent existence and as a product
    of legal continuity rendered high quality service and continues to maintain it with excellence in the following spheres of the
    law and cost effective administrative services:


    The process of having a property properly deregistered from previous owner’s name and into the name of another or a buyer can be complicated without the right guidance from a professional conveyancer. Director of LM Matjeni is a capable registered conveyancer who will gladly assist in the who conveyancing process. All phases of a transfer of property must be done in line with the relevant laws and regulations, from listing on the market to conclusion of the deal. While agents are capable of handling the offer to purchase and transfer documentation, there are some matters that should be handled by a legal professional conveyancer. Tax clearance, tax certificates, and the process of registration of a property can all be problematic if not checked to be legally sound.

    A new deed must be drawn up every time a transfer or property takes place, whether for private or commercial purposes. Having a legal professional handle, the registration process properly will guarantee that no ownership disputes arise in the future, and that your rights are secured.

    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your transfer of property ownership professionally and with dedication. We are happy to serve as your conveyancers and handle the process of ensuring that your property is bought and sold in a manner that is fully compliant with local laws and regulations. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    Death is a matter for the living, and even when you do die, your in-tray will not be empty. Unfortunately, many South Africans do not plan properly for their own passing away, and this creates legal problems for those who survive them.
    All adult citizens should have a legally sound will drafted, since life is unpredictable. It is not only about stipulating what should happen with your assets and personal funds; it should also lay out details for what should happen to your remains.
    While drafting a will is an essential part of planning ahead of death, estate management determines how your will is executed. Naming a trustworthy executor of your estate is crucial to ensuring that disputes and legal problems do not arise when you are no longer around to resolve them, and that your loved ones are well taken care of without unnecessary trauma prolonging the grieving process.
    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can draft your will and manage your estate professionally and with dedication. Our team is understanding of the sensitive nature of the process of planning for death, and will develop the best possible plan with you. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    This include Liquidation, Sequestration, Voluntary Surrender and other Financial solutions. In an ideal world, every individual and business would have perpetually growing wealth. Unfortunately, liquidation and insolvency are realities that face many, and it is a daunting prospect. LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys is equipped to handle your insolvency case professionally and with dedication. We provide advice, arbitration and litigation services to individuals and businesses in financially constrained situations. For meaningful relief in an insolvency or liquidation case, feel free to contact us.


    Businesses have a lot of legislation to comply with to ensure that they operate legally and in line with good practice principles. Enterprises are expected to protect their employees, but it is just as important for a company to be in a position to protect itself.
    Commercial matters cover a vast range of requirements and recommendations for any business. Most commonly, a business must have the right contracts drawn up – for employees, debtors, creditors, partners, directors and many other individuals and entities that interact with the corporation, whether in the business environment, for transactions, property transfers or otherwise. Mergers and acquisitions also require intensive legal advice and negotiation.
    Our attorneys are also experienced in ensuring that a business is compliant with the Companies Act, manages shares and shareholders properly, and that business owners are properly equipped to start and continue commercial operations.
    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys employs a number of experienced legal experts who can advise you and draw up contracts for you professionally and with dedication. We are happy to provide the advice you need to be sure of your legal standing in the business world, and to enable you to be proactive and efficient in your enterprise. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    Resolving disputes in the labour field is not a straightforward process. Dispute resolution has evolved substantially in recent years to benefit the parties involved and to ensure that more amicable solutions are reached for all.
    Our team is particularly experienced in advanced dispute resolution techniques and managing regulations that govern them. At the most basic level, we provide the means for a private mediation process between individual or corporate parties, which is significantly less costly than court arbitration and is therefore preferred, if possible. Should the process be insufficient, we are also able to appoint trustworthy arbitrators and competent presiding officers, usually former judges or senior advocates, when legal counsel is necessary.
    Our team is also expert with cases that require referral to or representation before the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). Whatever the nature of your labour dispute, we are able to put together the most effective and legally sound solution for you, ensuring amicable resolutions that are meaningful and constructive for all parties involved.
    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your labour dispute and arbitration case professionally and with dedication. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    Investments in property are amongst the most secure in the current economic environment. The best investment on earth is earth. While the value of the assets themselves will almost certainly increase over time, they also provide a source of income that can be a source of significant financial relief if managed properly.

    Our team is experienced in managing property transfers for investment purposes. We also provide advisory services, work with experienced and dedicated estate agents and we will laying out your rights and responsibilities as an investor and what rights your possible tenants could have. We also advise you on the applicable laws relating to property ownership and legal transfers. Should you have disputes with tenants or require legal advice about various situations that can arise, we will be happy to assist.

    While property investments are expensive in the short term, they can be a considerable boost to achieving prosperity in the longer term, particularly for retirement.

    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your property investments professionally and with dedication. Our team can advise you on the best approach for you, tailored to your needs, financial goals and current financial situation. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your damages claims case professionally and with dedication. There are many different kinds of damages claims that can be laid, and each one comes with its own set of legal challenges. All your RAF matters, medical negligence, injury on duty capable team will give you the best services. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    Our team is expert at defining which court your case should be referred to, building your case effectively and bringing it before a judge. Following correct procedures specific to the level of court being approached can be critical to the success of a case.
    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your Magistrate’s Court or High Court case professionally and with dedication. Our team has successfully taken on a number of cases in various levels of the courts that have been resolved in favour of our clients. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


    This includes Divorce, Custody/Control of Children, Maintenance and Family Violence or Disputes. South Africa has an incredibly wide range of family situations and arrangements, since it is a country with such enormous population diversity. Family law covers marriages and divorces within various religious and legal frameworks, custody of children, the legal relationship between children and their parents or guardians, as well as laws governing the relationships between related individuals.
    In many family law-related situations, there is a lot of emotion involved. We at LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys understand that, and we are sensitive to the fact that, very often, what is needed most is good advice from a good attorney. We are committed to handling cases in such a manner that the best settlements and agreements can be reached while minimising trauma. Sympathy and understanding are particularly important in cases of divorce where custody of young children is under question.
    LM Matjeni Incorporated Attorneys can handle your marriage, divorce, custody or guardianship case professionally and with dedication. Our team has successfully taken on a number of cases with sensitivity and personal attention, ensuring the case is treated with the respect and compassion it deserves. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.


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